Dr. Medhi Ahmadian received the Society of Automotive Engineers’ (SAE) International Lloyd L. Withrow Distinguished Speaker Award at its 2015 World Congress.  Please see the article at

Dr. Lei Zuo was featured in the Virginia Tech News. Please see the article below.

CEHMS recent hosted a group of young women taking part in the TechGirls program. During their visit, they learned about many of the technologies which CEHMS is developing including solar cells and vibration powered pacemakers. TechGirls is run by Legacy International, a nonprofit organization out of Bedford, VA, to assist them with a State Department funded STEM project for Middle Eastern high school girls. TechGirls 2015 involves 27 female high school students from various countries in the Middle East. Below is a Roanoke Times article about the program.

Dr. Muhammad Hajj, Director, has recently published an article in Applied Physics Letters. Here is a news piece related to the article.
Scientists harvest energy from beam’s self-induced, self-sustaining vibrations in airflow

Congratulations to Dr. Lei Zuo, the recipient of the Best Technical Development of a Large-Scale Energy Harvesting Device award.  The award was given for developing an ‘Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting with a Novel Power Takeoff System’.   The novel wave energy converter consisted of a floating buoy and power takeoff system A 500W prototype was designed, fabricated, and tested in ocean The efficiency of the power takeoff system is more than 80% with off-the-shelf components, which can be even higher by improved design. Both bench and ocean tests verified the feasibility and advantages of the design, showing its promise to be commercialized.

The winners of the IDTechEx awards for Energy Harvesting & Storage and the Internet of Things were announced on November 20, 2014, the opening day of the largest event IDTechEx has produced to date in California, which is estimated to have attracted over 2,500 attendees at the Santa Clara Convention Centre.